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SeeMask Pro

SeeMask Pro – Tomorrow’s skin rejuvenation technology brought to you today!

The SeeMask Pro implements the latest in LED “Photon” light therapy to bring a range of high demand treatments to you business, or even home.  With three different light seemask pro led light mask skin tightening rejuvenation treatmentswavelengths and adjustable power output for the 98 powerful LEDs, the SeeMask provides both a whole new set of treatments, but also acts as a phenomenal enhancement to the skin tightening treatments delivered with our PureLift+ and ProSculpt platforms.

With simple, touch screen controls (including a built-in e-manual), soft and comfortable eye surrounds and retention strap, the SeeMask is a high quality and high performance product, fit for any salon, beauty clinic, or even home use.  With technology proven by NASA to improve the texture, firmness and appearance of the skin, the SeeMask Pro is the obvious choice for beauty and aesthetic professionals looking to bring the latest technology to their business.

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Key Features

The SeeMask Pro has a number of key features :-

  • 98 powerful LEDs
  • Targetted refraction mask pattern ensures optimal light energy dispersion
  • 3 different light wavelengths
  • Simple touch screen control panel (with built-in e-manual)
  • Safe low voltage with external transformer for improved heat dissipation