Machine and associated separate packages

  • 4D-Cryo


    The 4D-Cryo is a next-generation, combined flat plate cryolipolysis fat freezing machine (some people refer to this as a “fat freezing machine”) and EMS platform, generating immediate inch loss results…

    £8,000.00£8,500.00 exc. VAT
  • 4D-Face – Non-Surgical Face Lift Machine

    Introducing the 4D-Face

    The 4D-Face is the next evolution in Non-Surgical Face Lift Machine, combining powerful and precise Thermal Shock (Heating and Cooling of the dermis) and Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) in…

    £2,000.00 exc. VAT
  • 4D-ProSculpt


    We’re really excited to bring you the 4D-ProSculpt, a powerful and professional EMS machine.  Electro Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) body sculpting, muscle toning and strengthening is the latest development in our…

    £3,750.00£4,000.00 exc. VAT
  • 4D-Sculpt


    We’re really excited to bring this powerful body sculpting cavitation and RF machine to market as this is the culmination of several years of development, testing and customer feedback. The…

    £3,750.00£4,000.00 exc. VAT