Over A Decade Of Expertise Developing Body Contouring Machines

The PureGenex team has several years of experience in the development of ground breaking inch loss, skin tightening, aesthetic treatments and body contouring machines, alongside expert training for our devices. This means we are able to provide an unrivalled service to you, THE CUSTOMER :-

  • Always the best quality equipment at highly competitive prices.
  • High quality training approaches, always by a fully qualified and highly experienced technician.
  • Manufacturer certification, subject to successful completion of a post training assessment.
  • After-sales support for any questions related to provision of treatments – we’re here to help!
  • Template collaterals and marketing support to help you establish your business and realise a rapid return on your investment.
  • No hidden extras, the price you see is all you pay!
  • You will never speak to a faceless call-centre; you will always receive a personal and professional service from people who know your business and truly want you to be successful!

If you'd like to see the results you can achieve with our 4D-Sculpt and 4D-Cryo inch loss and body contouring machines, take a look at our Gallery page, or our Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

So, not only do we offer the best combined aesthetic and inch loss machines, body sculpting machines and body contouring machines for sale in the UK, we also offer unrivalled value for money, training, alongside expert technical and marketing support. Others make bold claims and wild guarantees, we simply deliver precisely what YOU need to be successful.