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The Benefits Of Using PureLift+ LED Light Therapy

purelift plus photon led light therapy

LED Light Therapy is a powerful yet painless, safe and effective treatment that helps with Anti-Ageing, Hyper Pigmentation, Acne & Blemishes, Rejuvenation, Cleansing & Enlarged Pores. It can also be used on all skin types, regardless of ethnicity.

The PureLift+ offers 7 LED Light therapies:-

Red Light promotes skin tightening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, aids collagen promotion, anti-ageing and plumping of the skin
Green Light reduces skin discoloration, aids in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots
Blue Light produces the singlet oxygen to destroy acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and aids in the treatment of acne
Yellow Light promotes skin rejuvenation, reduces rosacea and redness in the skin, decreases the appearance of blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface of the skin
Purple Light accelerates cell regeneration and renewal
Cyan Light Reduces inflammation in the skin and reduces the appearance of capillaries
White Light (Combination of visible spectrum) tightens and tones the skin, reduces inflammation and normalises pigmentation


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