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CryoGen – The Next Generation Of Inch Loss Technology!

CryoGen - The Next Generation Of Inch Loss Technology! 2

The CryoGen is the most powerful and flexible Cryogenic Lipolysis Inch Loss platform available on the market today, leveraging the latest technological advancements to enable faster, more effective treatments than alternative non surgical fat reduction techniques. Through the adoption of our unique treatment protocols, your clients will achieve an astonishing 26-40% reduction in the treated fat layer within 2-3 months following treatment!

The CryoGen is also available with advanced, dual-wavelength Laser Lipolysis. This uses lasers operating a two select wavelengths of 650 and 908nm to deliver light energy to the fat cells within the adipocyte layer. The dual-wavelength functionality treats a great density of fat than traditional laser lipolysis, ensuring more dramatic and faster results.

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