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PureGenesis Offers Amazing ROI!


Rapid Return On Investment With PureGenesis Platform

A number of customers have asked us about the rate of return on their investment when purchasing a PureGenesis platform, so we have created this real world example of how quickly these machines pay for themselves in the form of a case study we performed on the PureGenesis.

If we assume the following prices (these are prices we know our other technicians are currently charging):-

  • Facial RF treatment costing £60, takes 15-20 minutes.
  • Laser Lipo and Cavitation “Accelerated inch loss” treatments at £50 per treatment, each treatment takes 50 minutes.
  • Ultimate Cellulite treatments at £110 per treatment, each treatment taking 1 hour.

If you perform 2 RF facials + 2 “Accelerated Inch Loss” treatments + 1 “Ultimate Cellulite” treatment in a day, you will work the machine for only 3 hours and 10 minutes, but will generate £330 in revenue! With a purchase price of £8000 + VAT, if you worked 3 days per week at this level, the PureGenesis would be fully paid for in less than 10 weeks! If you finance the machine, the monthly finance cost could be covered by less than a single day of treatment each month, the remaining days you operate the machine would be pure profit!

This is a very realistic throughput of clients, at prices we know are charged by our existing, very successful, technicians, so shows just how quickly the PureGenesis really does generate a return on investment! If you market yourself well and / or are able to tap into your existing client base, you will likely greatly exceed this level of throughput, achieving an even faster return on investment and higher profits. More importantly, with the great results you can deliver with the PureGenesis, you will be able to quickly build a strong reputation for these treatments, at which point word of mouth becomes the best marketing tool available.

Indeed, one of our recent PureGenesis customers wrote to tell us that she invested approximately £10,000 in purchasing the machine, fitting out her treatment room and setting up her new home-based clinic. She then spent £50 on Facebook marketing (Page boost and post boosts) and recouped over 75% of that initial investment through new business in less than 6 weeks, working only 2 days a week!

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