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PureLift – The perfect addition for any salon

purelift skin treatments using radio frequency and PDT

PureLift, Next Generation Radio Frequency! Combining targeted multi-polar RF with proven therapeutic effects of PDT, the PureLift is a truly amazing face, eye and body tightening, conditioning and lifting platform.

The PureLift is a real enhancement for any beauty salon and spa.

One of our existing customer wrote to tell us how the PureLift was the perfect compliment to their existing treatments.

“ I’d been looking around for an RF machine to compliment the Laser Lipo machine we already had in our salon. Everyone was saying RF was the next big thing for skin tightening, conditioning and toning and our clients were expressing a real interest. After researching we discovered PureGenex and the PureLift. The PureLift does everything we could have hoped for and more, not only does it lift and revitalise the face but also the eye area, meaning that those dreaded crow’s feet, under eye bags and hood are now a thing of the past! Plus having the third RF head means we can also tighten and firm the skin anywhere on the body!”

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