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  • fat freezing machine


    £8,000.00£8,500.00 exc. VAT

    The 4D-Cryo is a next-generation, combined flat plate cryogenic lipolysis (some people refer to this as a “fat freezing machine”) and EMS platform, generating immediate inch loss results during treatment.

    The 4D-Cryo brings together the latest advancements in non-invasive aesthetics to deliver a truly unique capability.  Cryogenic Lipolysis is an amazing non-invasive, inch loss, fat removal and contouring process, developed and proven by scientists at Harvard Medical School, which is brought to you in a new, more comfortable and effective form by the 4D-Cryo platform, in conjunction with proven Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) technology, to deliver ground-breaking results that will amaze your customers.

    Central to our overall mindset at PureGenex, we have developed the technology alongside our proven training methods and treatment protocols to deliver faster, better results, higher value profits and rapid return on investment!

    This amazing machine delivers four Cryogenic Lipolysis, also known as “Fat Freezing”, treatment “paddles” in one powerful, compact and high quality platform.  These treatment paddles can be used cooperatively for coverage of entire areas of the body (e.g. abdomen) in a single treatmetn session, or separately to deliver faster and more effective treatments on smaller areas of the body than you can achieve with any other platform.

    Adding to the CryoGenic Lipolysis functions, the 4D-Cryo also delivers powerful Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) technology, further increasing the inch loss and body shaping treatment capabilities of this powerful platform.

    Faster treatment times improves customer satisfaction, meaning increased referrals and more repeat custom, whilst also increasing your client throughput, for improved cost efficiency. Indeed, Fat Freezing inch loss is recognised as one of the most effective technologies available today for non-invasive inch loss.

    You may be wondering, “What is Cryogenic Lipolysis”?  This is the correct and full medical term to describe the Fat Freezing process we apply with our 4D-Cryo treatments. The more commonly referred to term of “Cryolipolysis” is an acronym (abbreviated version) of this correct medical term and has been registered as a trademark by the manufacturers of the Coolsculpting technology, Zeltiq Inc. In order to avoid confusion and ensure the correct terminology is used, we will always refer to Cryolipolysis by its full and correct name, “Cryogenic Lipolysis”.

    The 4D-Cryo cryogenic lipolysis paddles implement a process known as “thermal shock”, whereby the treatment area is first warmed, increasing blood flow in the area and softening the adipocyte tissue, then controlled cooling removes heat from the tissue causing ice crystals to form within the cells, breaching the cell membrane and triggering apoptosis (cellular death) of the adipocytes (fat cells).  Finally, the area is warmed again to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  During this process, controlled electrical impulses stimulate the muscles to contract and relax, burning energy and toning the muscles beneath the paddles, delivering both instant inch loss and accelerating the reduction of the fat layer.

    The 4D-Cryo is designed to enable flexibility in provision of treatment, delivering both large surface area treatments (e.g. whole abdomen, or both inner thighs in a single treatment) through combination of 4 “paddles”, or smaller areas (e.g. both bingo wings), all without the downsides of vacuum-assisted Cryo such as bruising and pain during treatment!

  • 4D-Sculpt Body Sculpting Cavitation and RF machine


    £3,000.00£3,750.00 exc. VAT

    We’re really excited to bring this new powerful body sculpting cavitation and RF machine to market as this is the culmination of several years of development, testing and customer feedback. The 4D-Sculpt is a powerful combination of inch loss, body sculpting and aesthetic functions, with evolution of those capabilities to provide the shortest treatment times, with better results and improved comfort for both technician and customer. The 4D-Sculpt incorporates the following key features :-

    • Innovative Combined Cavitation and RF machine
    • Unique combination of 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and our dual modulation 40Khz Ultrasonic Cavitation in a single compact hand piece
      • Advanced inch loss with simultaneous skin tightening for faster, more visible inch loss results
      • Optimised body sculpting and aesthetic treatments (e.g. cellulite reduction)
    • Powerful 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency
      • Large hand piece for all over body skin tightening lifting and stretch mark reduction
      • Redesigned small hand piece for facial skin tightening, lifting and lip plumping, with improved comfort (for both client and therapist)
    • Optimised Vacuum Targeted 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency
      • Large hand piece for all over body sculpting, lifting and tightening of the skin, also ideal for bottom lift and thigh sculpting
      • Small hand piece for non-surgical facelift, skin tightening of the neck, jowls and around the eyes, also ideal for hand plumping
      • Electronic control of negative pressure for more direct and precise control of vacuum targeting, improving comfort and optimising RF energy delivery

    Please note, due to high demand, we may be back-ordered with up to 6 weeks for delivery and training from point of order.  The website has direct sight to current availability, so will provide an estimate of the shipping date for your order below.  For this reason we allow payment in two parts. The first non-refundable deposit payment of 50% will secure your order, with the balance being due 6 weeks later, or prior to training / release for shipment (whichever is sooner).  Please note, your training cannot take place, or machine shipped, until the balance payment is received.  Please choose the “Pay Deposit” option to take advantage of this facility.  This is not a loan or form of credit and does not alter the total amount paid.

  • BIO Micro-Current


    £2,250.00£2,500.00 exc. VAT

    The new PureLift+ builds on the phenomenal success of the PureLift. It still delivers the class-leading 4D-Cavi Ultrasonic Cavitation inch loss, Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening and BIO Micro-Current eye brow lift technologies you expect from a multi-function device in this class, but now includes the latest “Photon” therapy, to enable an even broader range of Inch Loss, Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening, cleansing and rejuvenation treatments for the entire body, in a compact, portable and highly affordable platform. The PureLift+ applies the latest technology to achieve astonishing results.

    As our best-selling product, the PureLift+, upon which the new 4D-Sculpt has been developed to be an evolution, containing the same primary functions, with significant improvements in treatment speed, efficacy and comfort (for both therapist and customer), but also bringing more advanced features such as vacuum targeting and a combined Cavitation-RF feature. As such, the PureLift+ will remain our entry-level platform, with the 4D-Sculpt offering even greater flexibility and more advanced treatment capabilities, for those wishing to extend and invest in their offerings.  You can see the amazing results achieved by our customers, with their own clients in the real world, on our social pages at FaceBook and Instagram.

    The PureLift+ also retains a unique place in our range, as the only platform to offer BIO Micro-Current technology.  This utilises low level electrical current to stimulate the muscles beneath the skin, causing them to rapidly contract and relax.  This improves bloodflow, tones the muscles and allows the therapist to provide a lifting and restructuring of the delciate tissues surrounding the eyes.

    The BIO Micr-Current technology within the PureLift+ can be considered a very targeted pre-cursor to the more powerful EMS technology present within our new 4D-Cryo platform.  This uses a more powerful electrical current, applied over a larger surface area, so is able to active deeper and more dense bundles of muscle fibres to perform more significant contractions.  This is required to achieve the EMS effect on larger muscle groups, such as the abdomen and glutes, than Bio Micro-Current, but is another example of the evolution in non-invasive technology across our platforms.

    Please note, due to high demand, we are currently working to up to 6 weeks for delivery and training from point of order. For this reason we allow payment in two parts. The first non-refundable deposit payment of 50% will secure your order, with the balance being due 6 weeks later, or prior to training / release for shipment (whichever is sooner). Please note, your training cannot take place, or machine shipped until the balance payment is received. Please choose the “Pay Deposit” option to take advantage of this facility. This is not a loan or form of credit.