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  • 4D-Sculpt Welcome Screen 2


    £3,000.00£4,100.00 exc. VAT

    We’re really excited to bring this new platform to market as this is the culmination of several years of development, testing and customer feedback. The 4D-Sculpt is a powerful combination of inch loss, body sculpting and aesthetic functions, with evolution of those capabilities to provide the shortest treatment times, with better results and improved comfort for both technician and customer. The 4D-Sculpt incorporates the following key features :-

    • Innovative Combined RF and Cavitation
    • Unique combination of 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and our dual modulation 40Khz Ultrasonic Cavitation in a single compact hand piece
      • Advanced inch loss with simultaneous skin tightening for faster, more visible inch loss results
      • Optimised body sculpting and aesthetic treatments (e.g. cellulite reduction)
    • Powerful 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency
      • Large hand piece for all over body skin tightening lifting and stretch mark reduction
      • Redesigned small hand piece for facial skin tightening, lifting and lip plumping, with improved comfort (for both client and therapist)
    • Optimised Vacuum Targeted 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency
      • Large hand piece for all over body sculpting, lifting and tightening of the skin, also ideal for bottom lift and thigh sculpting
      • Small hand piece for non-surgical facelift, skin tightening of the neck, jowls and around the eyes, also ideal for hand plumping
      • Electronic control of negative pressure for more direct and precise control of vacuum targeting, improving comfort and optimising RF energy delivery

    Please note, due to high demand, we are currently working to up to 6 weeks for delivery and training from point of order. For this reason we allow payment in two parts. The first non-refundable deposit payment of 50% will secure your order, with the balance being due 6 weeks later, or prior to training / release for shipment (whichever is sooner). Please note, your training cannot take place, or machine shipped until the balance payment is received. Please choose the “Pay Deposit” option to take advantage of this facility. This is not a loan or form of credit.

  • 4D-Sculpt Trolley Wide

    4D-Sculpt Trolley

    £750.00 exc. VAT

    Custom trolley for the 4D-Sculpt platform.

    Perfectly designed to support the 4D-Sculpt on a moveable and compact trolley platform with lockable castor wheel base.

  • Plastic Treatment Spatula

    £5.00 exc. VAT

    These re-usable and washable plastic spatulas are perfect for applying and removing the PureGenex treatment gel used with the PureGenesis and PureLift treatments.

    Sold individually.

  • PureGenex Tape Measure

    £8.00 exc. VAT

    Ideal for measuring around the circumference of your clients before and after treatments.

    These anatomically shaped tape measures provide accurate measurements in both centimeters and inches (maximum length 60 inches / 150cm).

    Simple slip the tape around your client, attach the end back into the ergonomically designed retraction retainer and press the button. The tape will retract with a consistent tension, ensuring you provide accurate and consistent measurements for your clients.

  • Box of 100 Treatment Gloves

    Treatment gloves

    £17.50 exc. VAT

    Latex non-powdered gloves are a perfect way to ensure you maintain a clinical and clean environment for your clients. These gloves create a non-greasy barrier to protect your hands, enabling them to remain clean during treatment.

    Supplied as a box of 100 gloves
    One size fits all

  • Wooden Treatment Spatulas – single use

    £6.00 exc. VAT

    Single use disposable spatulas for applying and removing the PureGenex Treatment Gel required for treatments with the PureGenesis and PureLift platforms.

    Sold in a box of 100.