• 4D-Sculpt Hand Piece Rack

    A hand piece rack for the 4D-Sculpt platform.  This securely holds the Cavi-RF, Multi-polar RF and Vacuum RF hand pieces on the back of the machine.  Note – Rack only,…

    £75.00 exc. VAT
  • PureGenex Laser Lipolysis Belts

    These professional grade belts are used to hold the Laser Lipolysis paddles in place during treatment. Specially designed, from high quality elasticated hook and loop material, to provide the perfect…

    £30.00 exc. VAT
  • PureGenex Tape Measure

    Ideal for measuring around the circumference of your clients before and after treatments.

    These anatomically shaped tape measures provide accurate measurements in both centimeters and inches (maximum length 60 inches /…

    £8.00 exc. VAT