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  • Medium CryoGen Hand Piece

    CryoGen Cryogenic Lipolysis Hand Piece

    £650.00£1,000.00 exc. VAT

    Choose from Small, Medium and Large. These are a great addition to your existing CryoGen platform to further increase your treatment capability and flexibility.

  • Placeholder

    CryoGen Laser Replacement

    £65.00 exc. VAT

    Replacement of a single 650nm 100mw, or 920nm laser diode in a CryoGen Large or Lymph paddle. Includes part, labour and return shipping. Does not include shipping to PureGenex for repair, this is the responsibility of the customer.

    Not suitable for the PureGenesis platform.

    We may ask you to send a photograph of the laser pattern to ensure the correct laser fault is determined prior to shipping the paddle to us for repair. This should be taken from the cable (bottom) end at an angle to ensure you are not looking directly at the laser lights.

  • Cryogenic Lipolysis Anti-Freeze Membranes – Set of 20 individually wrapped

    £80.00 exc. VAT

    These anti-freeze membranes are critical to optimise the efficacy of the Cryogenic Lipolysis treatments, whilst ensuring you provide total protection for the client’s skin.

    Hypo-allergenic and water-based. Supplied in sets of 20 individually foil sealed packs each containing 1 membrane sheet.

    Min Size:- 27cm x 31cm
    Weight:- 70g each

  • PureGenex Laser Lipolysis Belts

    £30.00 exc. VAT

    These professional grade belts are used to hold the Laser Lipolysis paddles in place during treatment. Specially designed, from high quality elasticated hook and loop material, to provide the perfect control of the large treatment paddles on the PureGenesis platform, with full length adjustment to fit all shapes and sizes of clients.

    These belts are unique to PureGenex, but are suitable for all Laser Lipolysis machines available with separate large treatment paddles.

    Sold as a set of 3 belts :-

    1 x Large Belt (140cm x 10cm) – For large body areas, such as the abdomen and chest
    2 x Small Belts (100cm x 10cm) – For smaller areas, such as the arms and legs

  • PureGenex Tape Measure

    £8.00 exc. VAT

    Ideal for measuring around the circumference of your clients before and after treatments.

    These anatomically shaped tape measures provide accurate measurements in both centimeters and inches (maximum length 60 inches / 150cm).

    Simple slip the tape around your client, attach the end back into the ergonomically designed retraction retainer and press the button. The tape will retract with a consistent tension, ensuring you provide accurate and consistent measurements for your clients.

  • Technician Protective Glasses

    £32.50 exc. VAT

    High quality protective glasses, specifically designed to provide optimal protection from the light wavelength emitted by the Class 3B cold laser diodes used in the PureGenesis Laser Lipolysis function.

    The glasses are constructed from tough polycarbonate and treated to filter out light of wavelengths between 630 and 670nm. The arms of the glasses are adjustable in length to ensure optimal fit, protection and comfort.

  • Box of 100 Treatment Gloves

    Treatment gloves

    £17.50 exc. VAT

    Latex non-powdered gloves are a perfect way to ensure you maintain a clinical and clean environment for your clients. These gloves create a non-greasy barrier to protect your hands, enabling them to remain clean during treatment.

    Supplied as a box of 100 gloves
    One size fits all