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  • ProSculpt Left Oblique


    £2,000.00£2,500.00exc. VAT

    The new ProSculpt brings the latest innovation in vacuum targeted radio frequency to deliver class-leading sculpting, lifting and skin tightening treatments for the entire body and face. This is combined with the latest advancements in photodynamic therapy (PDT) to accelerate and optimise results from each and every treatment. The ProSculpt applies the latest technology to achieve astonishing results.

    Three hand pieces enable the ultimate in flexibility and coverage, with each implementing the optimal light wavelength to compliment the primary treatments delivered with that particular hand piece.

    PureGenex have managed to make this pioneering technology available to all types and sizes of business with an affordable purchase price or innovative and highly tax efficient financing options. If you would like to find out more about how our financing options can help you minimise your capital investment, maximise your tax efficiency and optimise your return on investment, contact us now.

    The ProSculpt is the most amazing proposition with highly effective multi-faceted technology, coupled with the most advanced control systems available! We have packed this amazing technology into a compact and portable platform, saving you :-

    • Money – Focus your investment in a single platform for lower purchase and running costs
    • Time – Advanced, highly effective, but simple to use technology, along with our industry leading training and support to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible
    • Space – Always at a premium in a busy business, this compact form factor avoids wasting precious salon space

    Please note, due to high demand, we are currently working to up to 6 weeks for delivery and training from point of order. For this reason we allow payment in two parts. The first non-refundable deposit payment of 50% will secure your order, with the balance being due 6 weeks later, or prior to training / release for shipment (whichever is sooner). Please note, your training cannot take place, or machine shipped until the balance payment is received. Please choose the “Pay Deposit” option to take advantage of this facility. This is not a loan or form of credit.

  • ProSculpt Filter Assembly

    £35.00exc. VAT

    Clear plastic fitler assembly and capture chamber for rear of ProSculpt platform – NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY OTHER PLATFORM

  • Box of 100 Treatment Gloves

    Treatment gloves

    £17.50exc. VAT

    Latex non-powdered gloves are a perfect way to ensure you maintain a clinical and clean environment for your clients. These gloves create a non-greasy barrier to protect your hands, enabling them to remain clean during treatment.

    Supplied as a box of 100 gloves
    One size fits all