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The 4D-Cryo is a next-generation, combined flat plate cryogenic lipolysis (some people refer to this as a “fat freezing machine”) and EMS platform, generating immediate inch loss results during treatment.

The 4D-Cryo brings together the latest advancements in non-invasive aesthetics to deliver a truly unique capability. Cryogenic Lipolysis is an amazing non-invasive, inch loss, fat removal and contouring process, developed and proven by scientists at Harvard Medical School, which is brought to you in a new, more comfortable and effective form by the 4D-Cryo platform, in conjunction with proven Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) technology, to deliver ground-breaking results that will amaze your customers.

Central to our overall mindset at PureGenex, we have developed the technology alongside our proven training methods and treatment protocols to deliver faster, better results, higher value profits and rapid return on investment!

This amazing machine delivers four Cryogenic Lipolysis, also known as “Fat Freezing”, treatment “paddles” in one powerful, compact and high quality platform. These treatment paddles can be used cooperatively for coverage of entire areas of the body (e.g. abdomen) in a single treatmetn session, or separately to deliver faster and more effective treatments on smaller areas of the body than you can achieve with any other platform.

Adding to the CryoGenic Lipolysis functions, the 4D-Cryo also delivers powerful Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) technology, further increasing the inch loss and body shaping treatment capabilities of this powerful platform.

Faster treatment times improves customer satisfaction, meaning increased referrals and more repeat custom, whilst also increasing your client throughput, for improved cost efficiency. Indeed, Fat Freezing inch loss is recognised as one of the most effective technologies available today for non-invasive inch loss.

You may be wondering, “What is Cryogenic Lipolysis”? This is the correct and full medical term to describe the Fat Freezing process we apply with our 4D-Cryo treatments. The more commonly referred to term of “Cryolipolysis” is an acronym (abbreviated version) of this correct medical term and has been registered as a trademark by the manufacturers of the Coolsculpting technology, Zeltiq Inc. In order to avoid confusion and ensure the correct terminology is used, we will always refer to Cryolipolysis by its full and correct name, “Cryogenic Lipolysis”.

The 4D-Cryo cryogenic lipolysis paddles implement a process known as “thermal shock”, whereby the treatment area is first warmed, increasing blood flow in the area and softening the adipocyte tissue, then controlled cooling removes heat from the tissue causing ice crystals to form within the cells, breaching the cell membrane and triggering apoptosis (cellular death) of the adipocytes (fat cells). Finally, the area is warmed again to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. During this process, controlled electrical impulses stimulate the muscles to contract and relax, burning energy and toning the muscles beneath the paddles, delivering both instant inch loss and accelerating the reduction of the fat layer.

The 4D-Cryo is designed to enable flexibility in provision of treatment, delivering both large surface area treatments (e.g. whole abdomen, or both inner thighs in a single treatment) through combination of 4 “paddles”, or smaller areas (e.g. both bingo wings), all without the downsides of vacuum-assisted Cryo such as bruising and pain during treatment!


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Included in the purchase price of the groundbreaking 4D-Cryo EMS and Cryogenic Lipolysis some people refer to this as a “fat freezing machine”, you also receive a comprehensive package (detailed below) to ensure you can commence treatments as soon as you have completed training :-

Marketing Pack

  • 100 Customer leaflets (printed)
  • 2 A3 Posters (printed)
  • Pull Up Banner (printed)
  • Electronic copies of Leaflet, A3 poster and Pull-Up banner artwork
  • Before and After Treatment pictures
  • Google Adwords Keyword Table

Documentation Pack

  • Training Manual (Printed)
  • Comprehensive User Manual (Printed)
  • Medical questionnaire (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Client Consent Form (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Treatment trackers (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Client Guidelines (in easily edited format for self-branding)

Treatment Starter Pack

  • First Fill Of Distilled Water
  • Pack Of 20 Individually Wrapped Anti-Freeze Membranes
  • PureGenex Tape Measure


  • Comprehensive training for up to two people (at our training site), or on site at your premises for additional charge)
  • Full certification on successful completion of assessment

Warranty & Support

  • Full 12 month parts & labour warranty
  • Full post-training treatment and technical support for 12 months from delivery


  • Delivery to any mainland UK location
  • Innovative Combined Cryogenic Lipolysis and Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (EMS)
    • Rapid and highly effective inch loss, with immediate results and no bruising!
  • Advanced and highly configurable “thermal shock” therapy
    • Heats tissue to increase blood flow and reduce effect of cooling sensation
    • Rapid, controlled cooling is constantly monitored for safety
    • Heating at end of treatment improves client comfort
    • Heating at end of treatment also increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, increasing efficacy
  • Flat plate delivery
    • Greatly increases treatment area targeted in single session
    • Reduced clinic time, for improved profitability
    • No vacuum, so no bruising or discomfort for client
  • EMS parallel delivery
    • Plates delivery simultaneous electrical impulses to the muscles in the treatment area
    • EMS effect increases metabolic rate, promotes blood flow and tones muscles
    • Enables instant inch loss during treatment, for improved customer perception
    • Highly controllable to deliver maximum benefit, whilst ensuring client comfort and safety
  • Our newest, most powerful platform with a wide variety of treatment capabilities :-
    • Advanced Inch Loss through reduction of the adipose tissue (fat layer)
    • Full Body Contouring – re-shape your clients to achieve their optimal goals
    • Advanced Cellulite Reduction and Leg Slimming

Along with the purchase of your 4D-Cryo, you will also receive the finest training available in the industry. This comprehensive training, for 2-3 therapists in a ingle session, covers the following syllabus and can be provided either remotely via video call (included), or at the trainer’s premises in West Sussex (+£500) :-

  • Biomechanical theory for the Cryogenic Lipolysis and EMS treatments enabled by the 4D-Cryo.
  • Contra-indications and how to assess these in a client prior to treatment.
  • Walkthrough of the machine, including all components, how to build the machine, generic configuration of the machine, all physical aspects of the machine
  • How to provide each of the treatments including :-
    • Client consultation
    • How to use the template forms
    • Standard treatment protocols
    • Detailed treatment guides (also serves as a baseline reference for all treatments)
    • Post treatment client care
  • A hands on practical where all trainees must conduct a consultation and full set of treatments.
  • Guidance on how to market the treatments and themselves.
  • Maintenance and after care.

Finally, a written assessment is performed to ensure each of the trainees is able to correctly respond to a selection of questions. Only trainees correctly answering these questions will receive a training certificate, so you can leave the training with the confidence you need to build a successful business when you receive your certification!

The training provided by PureGenex is of the highest quality and is always provided by an experienced technician and trainer. Indeed, our head training is one of the most respected and well-known technicians in the country, with a long proven history for achieving fantastic results – even plastic surgeons have referred patients to her with problems they couldn’t resolve. If you’re going to be successful, you need to learn from the best, so that’s what we commit to provide!

You will receive a formal certificate of competence to provide as evidence of your qualifications relating to the provision of treatments using the 4D-Cryo.


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