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Is the 4D-Cryo CE marked?

cool lipo machineYes, it is CE marked and built in ISO 9001 certified facilities according to ISO certified processes.



Is the 4D-Cryo itself FDA approved?

The 4D-Cryo implements tried and tested technologies, each of which have undergone clinical trials individually.

Cryogenic Lipolysis techniques were developed and proven by Physicians Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson, MD at The Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (part of the Harvard Medical School).  There have been several clinical trials and comparative studies performed since to optimise the treatment protocols.

Any claims we state are based upon results achieved during real-world treatments performed by our head trainer and other clinics that have purchased the PureCryo, CryoGen and 4D-Cryo platforms.  We have not performed true clinical trials as this would introduce significant cost (thereby drive up the price paid by the end customer to re-coup such costs) without adding any value beyond the original base technology trials.

In summary, the technology has been proven in clinical trials and we have then proven the 4D-Cryo platform and treatment approach in the real world, where real results count!  Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see these amazing results for yourself!

Where is the device manufactured and tested?

Is 4D-Cryo fat freezing the same as coolsculpting and lipoglazeMuch like most electronic products now (e.g. Apple iPods, iPads, etc.), we design the machines here in the UK, then have components manufactured all around the world (e.g. Mitsubishi Laser Diodes from Japan, connectors from Germany, Screens from Japan, PCBs and cases from China), with primary build processes taking place in Hong Kong and the UK.

All final testing and quality control takes place in the UK prior to delivery, so you can be assured you are receiving a British quality controlled device from a British company.

What is "Cryogenic Lipolysis"?

This is the correct and full medical term to describe the “Fat Freezing” process we apply with our 4D-Cryo treatments. The more commonly referred to term of “Cryolipolysis” is an acronym (abbreviated version) of this correct medical term and has been registered as a trademark by the manufacturers of the Coolsculpting platform, Zeltiq Inc. In order to avoid confusion and ensure the correct terminology is used, we will always refer to “Cryolipolysis” by its full and correct name, “Cryogenic Lipolysis”.

What is EMS?

EMS is the latest technology used to deliver body sculpting and shaping treatments.  Low level eletrical impulses are passed through the skin to the muscles beneath, stimulating the muscle tissue to rapidly contract and relax.  This increases metabolic activity, stimulates bloodflow and both strengthens and tones the muscles in the treated area.

Which is the best Fat Freezing machine to buy?

Are CoolSculpting, Velashape, Zeltiq, 3d-lipo and 4D-Cryo the best Fat Freezing machine to buyThe Fat freezing machines provided by Zeltiq Coolsculpting,  3d-Lipo and Lipoglaze all work in a similar manner, however results do depend on the quality of the platform and training received from each manufacturer.  We believe that we offer the highest quality product and our training is second to none.  Therefore, our results compare extremely favourably with the competition, all at an unbeatable price point!

How Does CryoGenic Lipolysis Work?

The 4D-Cryo implements the principles of a scientifically proven technique known as “Cryogenic Lipolysis”.  This is combined with the stimulating effects of EMS to also deliver toning of the muscles in the treatment area for immediate results!

  1. The area is cleaned, measured and marked to ensure optimal treatment of the areas the clients wishes to target.
  2. A protective anti-freeze membrane is placed over the treatment area.
  3. The 4D-Cryo paddles are placed over the treatment area, configured and switched on.
  4. As there is no vacuum, the client will feel no painful suction, or bruising after treatment.
  5. The Thermal Shock method begins with a gentle warming sensation, following by a cold feeling.  There will also be gentle “tingling” sensations from the EMS. This is not painful, but some clients may find it mildly uncomfortable in the first few minutes.
  6. The treatment head remains in place for 30-40 minutes, depending upon treatment area.
  7. Immediately following treatment, the 4D-Cryo paddles and protective membrane are removed, then the area is massaged for 2 minutes. This improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, thereby maximising the efficacy of the treatments.
Is Cryogenic Lipolysis better than Laser Lipo?

Both Cryogenic and Laser Lipolysis deliver outstanding inch loss and body contouring capabilities, so how do you choose which technology would work best in your business?

Laser Lipo is based on the use of Laser light energy to stimulate the inch loss process.  This has the following benefits compared to Cryogenic Lipolysis :-

  • Delivers immediate inch loss results
  • Treats a larger area during a course
  • Promotes skin tightening

Cryogenic Lipolysis (also known as “Fat Freezing”), leverages the principle of popsicle apoptosis to cause the death of fat cells with a single treatment.  This has the following benefits compared to Laser Lipolysis :-

  • No exercise required after treatment
  • Can treat directly over tattoos without the risk of fading the tattoo
  • Once in remission for more than 2 years, Cancer is no longer a contra-indication for Cryogenic Lipolysis
  • The 4D-Cryo brings the latest innovation incorporating EMS into the same treatment for immediate results!

Therefore, the decision is primarily determined by your target market.  Ask yourself the following questions and then look below for the best fit for your business :-

  1. Do most of your clients have tattoos?
  2. Your clients do not want to exercise?
  3. Is there a high rate of ex-Cancer sufferers in your target market?
  4. Are clients prepared to wait for the inch loss results to be achieved naturally (without the need to exercise)?

If your answers were mostly “Yes”, the 4D-Cryo with its Cryogenic Lipolysis inch loss function is more suited to your market.

If your answers were mostly “No”, you should definitely consider our amazing 4D-Sculpt platform with our new 4-D Cavi Inch Loss, are more suited to your market.

If you are still unsure, please contact PureGenex to discuss your options.  We offer discounted packages for multiple machine purchases, so your best option may be to purchase both platforms and be in a position to deliver treatments to meet any client’s needs.

Is training included?

Yes, full training is provided by one of the most experienced and well known practitioners in the UK!

What should I do if I have a question or problem after training?

If you have any questions or problems, you should contact PureGenex.  All machines are supplied with a 12 month warranty, which includes technical and treatment support from highly experienced practitioners.

Is 4D-Cryo the same as CoolSculpting?

The fat freezing treatments provided by the 4D-Cryo are also provided by Zeltiq Coolsculpting, 3d-lipo and Lipoglaze, but does this mean that they are different or are their similarities?  These brands all offer Cryogenic Lipolysis treatments, applying the same, clinically proven, methodologies within their platforms, but ONLY the 4D-Cryo delivers this ground breaking inch loss and contouring therapy using our advanced flat-plate cooling and EMS technology and proven treatment protocols to deliver results faster, has significantly improved custoemr comfort and less bruising, enabling faster return on investment. Also, ONLY the 4D-Cryo provides the option to further expand your treatment capability with innovative EMS functions for body sculpting and toning!

Do any of the treatments hurt?

Immediately after a 4D-Cryo Cryogenic Lipolysis and EMS  treatment, redness, soreness, tingling and numbness of the skin over the treated fat layers in very rare cases, lasting a few weeks at most. As there is no vacuum suction used with our ground-breaking flat-plate cooling technology, the risk of bruising is significantly reduced. These side effects do not occur in every case, and vary from one patient to another. In the vast majority of cases, all side effects sub-side completely within 2-3 weeks following treatment.

What are the potential side effects and risks?

Whilst it is considered generally very low risk and non-invasive, any treatment carries with it some level of risk of potential side effects, which you should consider before electing to undergo treatment. The most common side effects of 4D-Cryo combined Cryogenic Lipolysis and EMS treatments are :-

– Mild oedema or redness

– Tingling or numbness

– Inflammation or swelling

– Loose bowel or runny stools


Very rare side effects would include :-

– Freezer burn to the surface of the skin

– Permanent loss of sensation on the surface of the skin

– Bruising and tenderness

We are aware of reports that, in very rare cases, there have been recorded incidents of less than 1 in 20,000 people treated with generic Cryogenic Lipolysis (such as CoolSculpting), resulting in an increase in the size or number of fat cells, a condition known as “Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia”.  As the 4D-Cryo uses flat plates, so there is no vacuum, alongside EMS, the temperatures used to achieve the therapeutic objective are higher (warmer) than traditional vacuum-based Cryogenic Lipolysis treatments, reducing the risk of side effects.  To date, we have no reported cases of “Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia” occurring as a result of treatment with the 4D-Cryo platform, but this is a recognised risk of any Cryogenic Lipolysis treatment, which you must consider when choosing the treatment that best suits your needs.

Unfortunately, although PureGenex design our platforms and training to optimise client results, whilst taking all possible precautions to maintain safety, there is no such thing as an entirely risk free treatment, so your customers must take this into account when considering any treatment.  Final results can never be guaranteed, as individuals can react differently to treatment and there are external factors that can affect the outcome of treatment.

Do clients need to exercise after inch loss treatments?

Unlike all other inch loss technologies, Cryogenic Lipolysis actually causes the destruction of the fat cells, so there is no need to burn off the released contents, they are broken down and disposed of by the body’s natural processes.  However, for optimal results and to ensure retention of results, it is strongly recommended that the client be participating in a healthy diet and exercise regime / lifestyle.

How long does it take for the results of Cryogenic Lipolysis to show?

The combination of Cryogenic Lipolysis and EMS applied by the 4D-Cryo platform can deliver immediate inch loss results during treatment.  Best results are obtained through application of two treatment sessions on the same area, 2-3 weeks apart.  Final inch loss results will be evident within 4-6 weeks, with optimal results being achieved between 8-12 weeks following the first treatment.

How much inch loss should be expected from a single treatment?

Clients should expect to achieve 26-40% reduction in the fat layer, of the area treated, with a single treatment. Combining treatments with a healthy diet and lifestyle will further improve these results.

What should I charge for treatments?

This depends on many factors, including the amount of competition in your area, the treatments you are providing and the type of population in your target market.  However, at PureGenex, we have developed the 4D-Cryo to give you access to the highly profitable and rapidly growing market of both “Fat Freezing” inch loss and the latest body sculpting and toning innovation, EMS. This is available with minimal investment removing the traditional barrier to entry, whilst giving you machines and support of the highest calibre.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes, the treatments enabled by the 4D-Cryo are extremely safe and completely non-invasive.  The Cryogenic Lipolysis process was invented by doctors at the Harvard Medical School and has undergone examination and assessment by several medical bodies, including obtaining FDA approval!  You will also be provided with industry leading training to ensure you are confident and competent to provide the treatments.  Also, with the application of our flat-plate cooling technology, alongside EMS, cleint comfort, safety and rapid results are central to your capbilities enabled by the 4D-Cryo.