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The 4D-Cryo is the most competitively priced, medical grade, dual function Cryogenic Lipolysis and EMS platform available.  Contact Us now for our latest offers!

PureGenex have managed to make this pioneering technology available to all types and sizes of business with an affordable purchase price delivering a fat freezing machine cost that is simply unbeatable.  If you would like to find out more about how our financing options can help you minimise your capital investment, maximise your tax efficiency and optimise your return on investment, contact us now.

The 4D-Cryo is the most amazing proposition with dual treatment functionality enabling faster treatment of larger areas, in the knowledge that you’re applying the very latest, flat-plate cooling technology, so no bruising! In addition to this, the latest innovation in body sculpting and contouring, EMS, ensures you deliver immediate results for your clients!  We have packed this amazing technology into a compact and portable platform, saving you :-

  • Money – Focus your investment in a single platform for lower purchase and running costs
  • Time – Faster treatment times enable greater client throughput, along with our industry leading training and support to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible
  • Space – Always at a premium in a busy business, this compact form factor avoids wasting precious salon space

Included in the purchase price, you also receive a comprehensive package (detailed below) to ensure you can commence treatments as soon as you have completed training :-

Marketing Pack

  • 100 Customer leaflets (printed)
  • 2 A3 Posters (printed)
  • Electronic copies of A3 poster and Pull-Up banner artwork
  • Electronic marketing templates in editable formats (so you can brand and print yourself)
  • Before and After Treatment pictures
  • Google Adwords Keyword Table

Treatment Starter Pack

  • Starter pack of 10 anti-freeze membranes
  • PureGenex Tape Measure
  • Paddle Straps

Documentation Pack

  • Training Manual (Printed for each trainee)
  • Comprehensive User Manual (Printed)
  • Medical questionnaire (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Client Consent Form (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Treatment trackers (in easily edited format for self-branding)
  • Client Guidelines (in easily edited format for self-branding)


  • Comprehensive training for up to two people (at our training site)
  • Certification on successful completion of assessment

Warranty & Support

  • Full 12 month parts & labour warranty
  • Full post-training treatment and technical support for 12 months from delivery


  • Delivery to any mainland UK location