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FAQ Treatments

Are 4D-Sculpt treatments the same as Velashape?

The body sculpting treatments provided by the 4D-Sculpt are also similar to those provided by VelaShape, but far more advanced than those offered by Thermage, 3D-Lipo and our very own PureLift+. These brands / platforms all offer Radio Frequency treatments, leveraging the same basic principles, but ONLY the 4D-Sculpt applies our unique advanced technologies to provide improved results, faster and safer than ever before.

  • Electronic impedance matching for optimised treatments that are more comfortable for your clients.
  • Combined Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency in the same hand piece.
  • Re-designed hand pieces offer greater flexibility
  • The 4D-Sculpt is the ONLY platform to enable these treatments for the whole body, face and around the eyes, delivering high value, effective treatments for cellulite reduction, bottom lifting, skin tightening, rejuvenation and conditioning.
Do any of the treatments hurt?

No! There are absolutely no needles or injections. Nothing enters the body as these are all entirely non-invasive processes that work in harmony with the client’s normal biological processes.

What should I charge for treatments?

This depends on many factors, including the amount of competition in your area, the range of treatments you are providing and the type of population in your target market. However, at PureGenex, we have developed the 4D-Sculpt to give you access to the highly profitable and rapidly growing market of non-invasive inch loss, skin tightening, body sculpting, bottom lifting, cellulite reduction and many other aesthetic treatments, with minimal investment. This removes the traditional barrier to entry, whilst giving you machines and support of the highest calibre.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes. All the treatments enabled by the 4D-Sculpt are extremely safe and completely non-invasive. You will also be provided with industry leading training to ensure you are confident and competent to provide the treatments.