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The 4D-Sculpt  – Our most advanced Fat Reduction and Aesthetic Platform

We’re really excited to bring this new Body Sculpting And Butt Lifting Machine to market as this is the culmination of several years of development, testing and customer feedback.  The all new 4D-Sculpt utilises a powerful combination of three market-leading technologies for instant inch loss, spectacular body sculpting, dramatic cellulite reduction, the industry-renowned and instant ‘non-invasive face-lift’ alongside the high demand Brazilian Butt Lift’ treatments your clients are clamouring for.  All treatments are completely pain-free and highly profitable, the 4D-Sculpt now also delivers faster treatment times than ever before with improved comfort for both therapist and customer.

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Key Features

The 4D-Sculpt is a powerful combination of inch loss, body sculpting and aesthetic unctions, with evolution of those capabilities to provide the shortest treatment times, with better results and impved comfort for both technician and customer. The 4D-Sculpt incorporates the following key features :-

The latest innovation in beauty technology - Combined Cavitation and Radio Frequency

  • Unique combination of 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and our dual modulation 40Khz Ultrasonic Cavitation in a single compact hand piece

  • Advanced fat layer reduction with simultaneous skin tightening

  • Optimised body sculpting and aesthetic treatments (e.g. cellulite reduction)

  • Smooths and re-textures the skin, whilst simultaneously reducing the thickness of the fat layer

Powerful 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency

  • Large hand piece for all over body skin tightening, lifting and stretch mark reduction

  • Small hand piece for facial skin tightening, lifting and lip plumping

  • Re-designed hand pieces delivers improved comfort for both client and therapist, with optimised energy delivery for even better results

Optimised Vacuum Targeted 5Mhz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency

  • Large hand piece for all over body sculpting, lifting and tightening of the skin, also ideal for bottom lift and thigh sculpting

  • Small hand piece for non-surgical facelift, skin tightening of the neck, jowls and around the eyes, also ideal for hand plumping

  • Electronic control of negative air pressure (vacuum suction) for more direct and precise control of vacuum targeting, improving comfort and optimising RF energy delivery to the tissue