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To be successful in the provision of inch loss and aesthetic treatments, you need a combination of key components.  No single element on its own will suffice, so we have created a framework to ensure you have them all available to you :-

  1.  You must have a great machine and we certainly have this one covered!  The 4D-Sculpt is the culmination of the PureGenex’s last 10 years of design, market research and customer feedback to create the ultimate combined inch loss and aesthetic platform, which we believe makes it the best machine for fat reduction and aesthetic treatments available in the UK!
  2. Expert training by an experienced and qualified trainer.  Knowledge, which only an experienced trainer can pass down to you, is fundamental to safe, successful and effective treatment.  The hard part is not the physical act of performing treatment itself, but it is the combination of knowledge to tailor treatment to meet the specific needs of your customer, having the experience and confidence to safely provide treatment, knowing the contra-indications so you are providing the best advice to your customers.
  3. Experienced support and industry leading knowledge about the treatment.   Knowing that you have the  backing and support of a company that has been innovating and leading the industry for a decade gives you the confidence to exceed even your own expectations and make a huge success of your inch loss and aesthetics business.

If not trained correctly and confident in your skills, the results achieved will not be 100% no matter how expensive or supposedly “powerful” the machine you purchase is.  Of course we all know that a good machine will achieve reasonable results, but it is the combination of expert training and support that enables you to deliver the results demanded by your customers, earning you more recommendations and future business through your best marketing tool, “Word of mouth”!

Beware The “Cowboys”

We are contacted time and time again by people who have purchased often very expensive machines from our competitors or from overseas that give minimal to no results, as the training was minimal (or even non-existent), or the trainer had no real world experience.  When questions arise, there is no support and these therapists are left to their own devices, placing the safety of their customers at risk every day.  These types of machines and suppliers are damaging the industry and giving everyone a bad name.

What makes the best machine for fat reduction?

When buying a machine, you need to understand why it is a good machine.  Is it the power, size, or something else?  Many have celebrity or “medical practitioner” endorsements, but when someone is paid to say something, can you really rely on the message?  Indeed, when you buy these devices, a large part of the price you pay is not a result of a better machine, training, or support, it is paying for that expensive marketing and “celebrity” endorsement, none of which actually adds any value to your business.  The maximum “power” is also largely irrelevant as the power is only required to be adequate to perform treatments safely, within detailed, tested and proven treatment protocols.  The best machine for fat reduction, also including body sculpting and skin tightening capabilities needs high quality components, both within the main unit and the hand pieces to provide you with high performance, stability and confidence in the safe delivery of treatment to your customers.  Of course other factors such as an intuitive user interface, design and high quality manufacturing processes play a huge part too, but we have all of these taken care of for you.

Proven Results

The truth is, none of these points matter if they are falsely advertised, or not a true, real-world and unbiased opinion.  We find many companies just advertise anything without any form of experience, trials or validation of their results.  If you take a look at our Facebook page , you will see that we regularly share posts of the amazing results obtained by our customers.  These are real results posted onto their own Facebook pages, so gives you a direct view of what you can achieve using our platforms.  We believe we are the leading the market in this form of real world, practical evidence in the results that can be acheived with the right combination of quality machine, expert training and support.  When considering any alternative potential device or supplier, you should challenge them to match our catalogue of real world results and we’re confident you will see that PureGenex deliver the best results.

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Why we believe PureGenex offer the best training

Along with the purchase of your 4D-Sculpt, you will also receive the finest training available in the industry. This comprehensive training, for up to 2 therapists, covers the following syllabus :-

  • Biomechanical theory for each of the treatments enabled by the 4D-Sculpt (including but not limited to Inch Loss, Body Contouring, Bottom Lift, Cellulite Reduction, Body Skin Tightening, Facial Skin Tightening).
  • Contra-indications and how to assess these in a client prior to treatment.
  • Walkthrough of the machine, including all components, how to build the machine, generic configuration of the machine, all physical aspects of the machine
  • How to provide each of the treatments including :-
    • Client consultation
    • How to use the template forms
    • Standard treatment protocols
    • Detailed treatment guides (also serves as a baseline reference for all treatments)
    • Post treatment client care
  • A hands on practical where all trainees must conduct a consultation and full set of treatments.
  • Guidance on how to market the treatments and themselves.
  • Maintenance and after care.

Finally, a written assessment is performed to ensure each of the trainees is able to correctly respond to a selection of questions. Only trainees correctly answering these questions will receive a training certificate, so you can leave the training with the confidence you need to build a successful business when you receive your certification!

Training is available either at our trainer’s premises, or remotely via Skype for those who don’t wish to travel.  No matter which method you choose for delivery, the content of the training is the same, is of the highest quality and is always provided by an experienced technician and qualified trainer.  Indeed, our head trainer is one of the most respected and well-known technicians in the country, with a long proven history for achieving fantastic results – even plastic surgeons have referred patients to her with problems they couldn’t resolve.  If you’re going to be successful, you need to learn from the best, so that’s what we commit to provide!

You will receive a formal certificate of competence to provide as evidence of your qualifications relating to the provision of treatments using the 4D-Sculpt.