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The CryoGen “Fat Freezing” Inch Loss Platform

The CryoGen brings together the latest advancements in non-invasive aesthetics to deliver a truly unique capability. Cryogenic Lipolysis is an amazing non-invasive, inch loss, fat removal and contouring process, developed and proven by scientists at Harvard Medical School, which is brought to you in a new, more comfortable and effective form by the CryoGen platform, to deliver ground-breaking results that will amaze your customers.

Central to our overall mindset at PureGenex, we have developed the technology alongside our proven training methods and treatment protocols to deliver faster, better results, higher value profits and rapid return on investment!

This amazing machine delivers two Cryogenic Lipolysis, also known as “Fat Freezing”, treatment handles in one powerful, compact and high quality platform. These treatment handles can be used cooperatively or separately to deliver faster and more effective treatments than you can achieve with any other platform.

There is also the option to purchase the advanced, dual-wavelength Laser Lipolysis function, further increasing the inch loss treatment capabilities of this powerful platform.

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Faster treatment times improves customer satisfaction, meaning increased referrals and more repeat custom, whilst also increasing your client throughput, for improved cost efficiency. Indeed, Fat Freezing inch loss is poised to take the weight loss industry by storm as the most effective technology available today for non-invasive inch loss.

You may be wondering, What is “Cryogenic Lipolysis”? This is the correct and full medical term to describe the Fat Freezing process we apply with our PureCryo treatments. The more commonly referred to term of “Cryolipolysis” is an acronym (abbreviated version) of this correct medical term and has been registered as a trademark by the manufacturers of the Coolsculpting technology, Zeltiq Inc. In order to avoid confusion and ensure the correct terminology is used, we will always refer to Cryolipolysis by its full and correct name, “Cryogenic Lipolysis”.

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Key Features

The CryoGen boasts a number of key features :-

  • Famous “Fat Freezing” inch loss
  • Cryogenic Lipolysis platform with two swappable treatment heads
  • Next generation, ultra-comfort silicon composite treatment cups
  • Large 9 Litre coolant tank ensures stability during a full day of treatment
  • Advanced connectors allow fast and safe switching of Cryo treatment heads
  • Option of 3 different sized Cryogenic Lipolysis treatment heads (Large = 25x12cm; Medium = 21.5x10cm; Small = 12x6cm)
  • 2 Cryogenic Lipolysis heads supplied (select the two you want), option to purchase additional heads (from £500 + VAT each)
  • Also Includes Laser Lipolysis, for the ultimate flexibility in inch loss treatment delivery
  • Use Cryogenic Lipolysis for spot fat reduction of stubborn areas of fat, with Laser Lipolysis for all over body fat reduction and shaping
  • Laser Lipolysis with 4 large paddles and 2 small “lymph” paddles
  • Dual wavelength lasers (650nm and 908nm) to more effectively target and break down fatty deposits
  • Total of 104 high quality Mitsubishi laser diodes