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FAQ Technology

Which is the best Skin Tightening machine to buy?

Are Velashape, Thermage, Lipo Angel, 3d-lipo and ProSculpt the same treatmentThe Skin Tightening machines provided by Syneron Candela Velashape, Thermage and 3d-Lipo all work in a similar manner, however results do depend on the quality of the platform and training received from each manufacturer. We believe that we offer the highest quality product, with the most advanced technology available and our training is second to none. Therefore, our results compare extremely favourably with the competition, all at an unbeatable price point!

Are there any competitors for the ProSculpt treatments?

The ProSculpt treatments are similar to those delivered by the Syneron Candela Velashape and 3d-Lipo. However, the results that can be obtained are directly related to the knowledge of the technician operating the machine and the control technology applied. We strongly believe our training approach is unparalleled and we enable operators of the ProSculpt platform to deliver results that will match or better those achieved with any of our competitor’s machines. Also, only the ProSculpt delivers powerful body contouring and bottom lifting therapies alongside both skin tightening, conditioning and rejuvenation treatments for whole body and face application. This combined capability is also brought to you at prices that simply cannot be matched!

How Does ProSculpt Work?
  • The area is cleaned and a treatment oil is applied to the treatment area. Unlike traditional RF technologies, cooling gels are not required to protect the surface tissues. The electronic impedance matching technology, unique to the ProSculpt, ensures optimal targeted transmission of the RF energy to the deeper dermal tissues, whilst ensuring there is controlled heat build-up in the surface tissues.
  • Through the combination of Vacuum Targeted Radio Frequency and vacuum lifting, the dermal tissues are gently lifted in to the treatment head.
  • Carefully controlled RF energy and PDT light is transmitted into the dermal tissues, targeting the collagen fibres.