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How It Works

The ProSculpt is the most powerful targeted aesthetic platform available on the market today! The ProSculpt brings together complimentary techniques to optimise the efficacy of treatments, delivering a broader range of therapies using non surgical skin tightening and body sculpting techniques.

For the Body :-

Combining targeted Radio Frequency, vacuum lifting and massage, alongside the rejuvenating properties of PDT, the ProSculpt platform enables cellulite reduction, body shaping and contouring, and skin tightening of the legs, thighs, buttock, arms and torso.

The ProSculpt treatments are non-invasive, therefore have no downtime, comfortable and relaxing for the client, with capabilities specifically aimed to answer the growing patient demand for full body contouring, skin tightening and lifting.

How It Works

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Powered by a revolutionary combination of complementary technologies, the ProSculpt delivers amazing body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments. This is in addition to the high demand “Brazilian Bum Lift” treatment protocol pioneered by PureGenex.

PureGenex’s vast experience in producing effective inch loss and body contouring devices has contributed to the outstanding success of the ProSculpt delivering effective, consistent results that can be reproduced time after time.

For the Face :-

A unique combination of negative vacuum pressure and multi-polar Radio Frequency gently lift the skin and optimise delivery of the Radio Frequency energy to the dermal layer of the chin, neck and face.

The vacuum lifts the skin gently into the treatment head, where the RF probes apply focused energy to treat the dermal layer. PDT therapy operates in conjunction with the RF to break down old, damaged collagen, trigger instant tightening of collagen fibres and promote growth of fresh healthy collagen, whilst also stimulating blood flow to further improve the appearance of the skin. These combined therapies deliver collagen boosting facial skin tightening, rejuvenation and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Using both the medium and small hand pieces, it is possible to treat the entire face, including the more sensitive areas around the eyes.

Optimised For Control and Comfort

All the Radio Frequency functions of the ProSculpt platform implement electronic impedance matching to detect the impedance of the tissues being treated and automatically adjust the impedance of the control circuit. This delivers optimal transference of RF energy to the deeper layers of the tissue, whilst ensuring overheating of the surface tissues is prevented. Alongside this, the ProSculpt provides easy adjustment of the vacuum pressure for perfect control and comfort. These advanced features, unique to the ProSculpt platform, produce amazing results every time!

Combining these powerful and unique functions generates amazing results. Not only do these more effective treatments justify a higher price per treatment than traditional manual and chemical-based therapies, this more comprehensive, holistic approach, will increase customer satisfaction, meaning increased referral and repeat custom.

It simply makes no sense to invest in single function technology? Unify your capital investment in a single, high return, multi-function device such as the ProSculpt and maximise profitability! A multiple treatment capability delivers higher client throughput, low asset idle rate & ensures rapid return on investment!

Body Sculpting & Lifting

  • Vacuum Targeted Radio Frequency and electronic impedance matching ensures optimal delivery of RF energy to the dermal tissues, breaking down old, damaged collagen, triggering instant tightening of collagen fibres and promoting growth of fresh healthy collagen.
  • Vacuum lifting and massage provides manipulation of the dermal tissues to promote lymphatic drainage, smoothing of the skin and re-structuring of the collagen fibres.
  • LED Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) rejuvenates the skin, normalising skin tone and promoting growth of well organised and structured collagen.

Facial Treatments

  • Unique combination of negative vacuum, RF and PDT.
  • Instantly tightens the skin by causing contraction of healthy collagen.
  • Breaks down old collagen fibres and promotes fresh, supple, healthy collagen re-growth.
  • Targets skin tightening of the chin, neck and face, as an completely non-invasive alternative to Botox and Dermal fillers.
  • Treatment of under eye circles.
  • Small hand piece used to target the thinner, sensitive skin close to the eyes – the ONLY RF technology capable of doing so in complete safety.
  • Combat crow’s feet, laughter lines and dark, puffy eyebags.

Advanced control technology for optimal results

  • Electronic impedance matching to deliver optimal energy levels to the treated area.
  • Easy adjustment of vacuum pressure ensures optimal delivery and absolute comfort for the client.
  • Provide professional, comfortable and highly effective treatments, every time!

Simple, easy to learn controls

  • Touch screen, menu driven configuration ensures ease of use, accurate control and ultimate flexibility of treatment.


170mm diagonal


Touch display user interface
Treatment Functions Large Hand Piece


Vacuum Targeted RF and PDT (Red Light: 630-650nm) body contouring, skin tightening, lifting and cellulite reduction

Treatment Area

Outer diameter: 80mm

Inner spot size: 55mm diameter

RF Frequency



Main touch screen
Medium Hand Piece


Vacuum Targeted RF and PDT (Green Light: 525-535nm) Decolletage, Neck, Chin and Facial skin tightening

Treatment Area

Outer diameter: 60mm

Inner spot size: 38mm diameter

RF Frequency



Main touch screen
Small Hand Piece


Vacuum Targeted RF and PDT (Blue Light: 420-430nm) facial skin tightening and conditioning

Treatment Area

Outer diameter: 30mm

Inner spot size: 10mm diameter

RF Frequency

Core Functions

Cooling System

Heat transduction, air and semi-conductor


100-240VAC, 150 Watt max., 50/60Hz

Included in the box

Main machine, Large Treatment Head, Medium Treatment Head, Small Treatment Head, Treatment Head Rack, Treatment Hose, Vacuum Filter / Capture Vessel, Replacement o-rings, UK Power Cord