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FAQ Treatments

Is PureGenesis the same as Strawberry Laser Lipo?

Comparing i-lipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo with PureGenesisThe Laser Lipolysis treatments provided by PureGenesis utilise the same Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology used by Strawberry Laser Lipo and the Chromogenix ILipo / I-lipo, with each claiming to be the best “Laser Lipo” machine. We believe the difference between our product and our competitors is in the quality of the product, combined therapies offered (the PureGenesis enables much more) and the level of training you will receive. The effectiveness of the treatment is heavily dependent on the person operating the machine having the right level of knowledge coupled with the most effective technology We believe that the results you will get from the PureGenesis will match or better those from our competitors due to our unique combination of Laser Lipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation and RF technologies, coupled with an extremely comprehensive training package.

Do any of the treatments hurt?

There are absolutely no needles or injections. Nothing enters the body as these are entirely non-invasive processes that work in harmony with the client’s normal biological processes.

Do clients need to exercise after inch loss treatments?

We recommend the use of a vibration plate machine for about 10 minutes, but other forms of cardio vascular exercise to suit the clint’s fitness level and interests are also suitable. The key is to ensure the client raises their metabolic rate (how much “fuel” your body uses) to maximise the results of the Laser Lipolysis treatments.

Treatment prices in my area vary, what should I charge?

This depends on many factors, including the amount of competition in your area, the treatments you are providing and the type of population in your target market. However, at PureGenex, we have developed the PureGenesis to give you access to the highly profitable and rapidly growing market of inch loss, cellulite reduction and aesthetic treatments, with minimal investment. This removes the traditional barrier to entry, whilst giving you machines and support of the highest caliber.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes. All the treatments enabled by the PureGenesis are extremely safe and completely non-invasive. The process has undergone examination and assessment by several medical bodies. You will also be provided with industry leading training to ensure you are confident and competent to provide the treatments.