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FAQ Standards

Is the PureLift+ CE marked?

Yes, it is CE marked and built in ISO 9001 certified facilities according to ISO certified processes.purelift-plus-combined-best-ultrasonic-cavitation-machine-1143x600

Is the PureLift+ FDA approved?

No, we have not progressed FDA approval. This is a very costly process and is only required if you intend to market the product in the USA, so has no meaning in the UK and EU markets.

Have you performed clinical trials?

The PureLift+ implements tried and tested technologies, each of which have undergone clinical trials individually.

Any claims we state are based entirely upon results achieved in combining these technologies to improve on the standard, individual therapies, during real-world treatments performed by our head trainer and other clinics that have purchased the PureLift+. We have not performed true clinical trials as this would introduce significant cost (thereby drive up the price paid by the end customer to re-coup such costs) without adding any value beyond the original base technology trials.

In summary, the technology has been proven in clinical trials and we have then proven the PureLift+ platform and treatment approach in the real world, where real results count!

Where is the PureLift+ manufactured and tested?

Much like most electronic products now (e.g. Apple iPods, iPads, etc.), we design the machines here in the UK, then have components manufactured all around the world (e.g. Laser Diodes from Japan, connectors from Germany, Screens from Japan, PCBs and cases from China), with primary build processes taking place in China. This ensures the optimal balance of quality components, expert manufacturing and engineering, experienced support and competitive pricing.

All final testing, quality control and ongoing support / warranty repair takes place in the UK prior to delivery, so you can be assured you are receiving a British quality controlled device from a British company.