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How It Works

The new PureLift+ is “not just another cavitation or RF machine” for providing basic skin treatments! The PureLift+ brings together complimentary advanced skin treatment techniques to increase efficacy, delivering a broader range of cavitation inch loss, RF skin tightening, BIO Micro-Current and Photon Light therapies for improved customer satisfaction.

Unlike older mono-polar and bi-polar technologies such as Accent and Thermage, the PureLift+ combines targeted multi-polar RF with advanced control circuitry and now incorporating result-enhancing red LED light at 630-650nm for improved efficacy. This is implemented alongside Bio Micro-Current eye lifting technology for the power to combat ageing over the whole face and body.


In addition, the new PureLift+ incorporates Photon Light Therapy with 7 different light wavelength options to enhance your skin tightening, toning, cleansing and rejuvenation treatment capabilities. This more comprehensive, holistic approach will deliver improved results and increase customer satisfaction, meaning increased referral and repeat custom.

How It Works

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To ensure optimal return on investment, the PureLift+ now provides FIVE treatment heads, to enable treatment to be applied to all areas of the face and body. With this capability, the opportunities to up-sell additional treatments, maximising the opportunities to grow revenue, whilst delivering great value to your customers are significant.

Facial Skin Tightening

  • Use the facial treatment head for the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck

Body Skin Tightening

  • Larger treatment head for optimal coverage and efficacy
  • Treat all areas of the body; stomach, legs, buttocks, arms, back, décolletage, knees, etc.

Inch Loss and Skin Conditioning

  • Our revolutionary “4D-Cavi” Ultrasonic Cavitation targets stubborn fat deposits to deliver rapid inch loss
  • RF and Ultrasonic Cavitation work alongside one another to combat the underlying causes of cellulite

Eye Brow Lifting

  • Use the Bio Micro-Current treatment head for skin tightening around the eyes; eye bags, crow’s feet, drooping top brow, under eye circles, etc.

Photon Light Therapy

  • Red Light (630-650nm) promotes skin tightening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, aids collagen promotion, anti-ageing and plumping of the skin
  • Green Light (520-540nm) reduces skin discoloration, aids in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots
  • Blue Light (475-485nm) produces the singlet oxygen to cleanse the surface of the skin
  • Yellow Light (570-580nm) promotes skin rejuvenation
  • Purple Light (420-430nm) accelerates cell regeneration and renewal
  • Cyan Light (490-500nm) promotes skin rejuvenation
  • White Light (Combination of visible spectrum) tightens and tones the skin and normalises pigmentation

Simple, easy to learn controls

  • Touch screen, menu driven configuration ensures ease of use, accurate control and ultimate flexibility of treatment.


DisplaySize6.5-inch diagonal
FunctionTouch display user interface
Multi-Polar RFBody Treatment HeadLarge, 6 pole – 48mm spot size
Facial Treatment HeadMedium, 4 pole – 35mm spot size
RF Output Frequency5MHz
RF Output Power1-100w/cm2, variable
Bio Micro-CurrentEye Treatment HeadSmall, 2 pole – 18mm spot size
Bio Micro Current Power0~3mA, 0~33V
4D-Cavi4D-Cavi Treatment Head70mm spot size
Ultrasonic Output Frequency40kHz
Ultrasonic Output Power10-60w/cm2, variable
Photon EmitterPhoton Treatment Head60mm spot size
Light Functions7 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, White)
Number of diodes15 multi-wavelength LEDs
Core FunctionsCooling SystemAir and semi-conductor
Electrical Source220v / 50Hz AC, 60W
AccessoriesIncluded in the boxMain machine, 5 x Treatment heads, UK Power Cord, CD containing user manual, documentation pack, marketing pack
DimensionsMachine LxWxH – without hand pieces370 x 300 x 180mm
Machine LxWxH – with hand pieces500 x 360 x 250mm
Packaged Weight12kg
Unboxed weight9kg (with hand pieces)