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Along with the purchase of your PureLift+, you will also receive the finest training available in the industry. This comprehensive training is supplied at our trainer’s facility in West Sussex, or on-site at your premises (may be subject to additional charge), by one of the most experienced and accomplished practitioners in the UK. Support for any questions arising during training is supplied via our website :-

  • Biomechanical theory for the treatments enabled by the PureLift+.
  • Contra-indications and how to assess these in a client prior to treatment.
  • Walkthrough of the machine, including all components, how to build the machine, generic configuration of the machine, all physical aspects of the machine
  • How to provide each of the treatments including :-
    • Client consultation
    • How to use the template forms
    • Standard treatment protocols
    • Detailed treatment guides (also serves as a baseline reference for all treatments)
    • Post treatment client care
  • A practical, step-by-step demonstration of a consultation and full set of treatments.
  • Guidance on how to market the treatments and themselves.
  • Maintenance and after care.


Once you are ready, you can complete the assessment and submit to PureGenex. On successfully passing the assessment, you will be issued with a printed certificate of competence. Only trainees correctly answering the assessment questions will receive a training certificate, so upon completing the training you will have the confidence you need to build a successful business!

You will receive a formal certificate of competence to provide as evidence of your qualifications relating to the provision of treatments using the PureLift+.