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Amazing Skin Tightening Results With 4D-Sculpt

Skin Tightening Of The Stomach

Just look at these simply astonishing skin tightening results achieved using our all new, medical grade 4D-Sculpt platform. With a course of 6 treatments combining both multi-polar Radio Frequency and Vacuum Targeted Radio Frequency, these amazing results were obtained in under 12 weeks. No...

4D-Sculpt Is Medical Grade

Medical Grade 4D-Sculpt Focused On Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are paramount in the inch loss and aesthetics industry, and the new, medical grade PureGenex 4D-Sculpt delivers!  Being ISO 13485:2016 certified, the facility is involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services.  In order to meet this highly regulated standard, this state of the art...

4D-Sculpt Launch Special Offer Last Unit

Special Offer Ends 7th June - Only One Unit Remaining

Due to popular demand for the innovative and advanced treatments offered by the new 4D-Sculpt, the pre-launch allocation was increased, but we now have only one unit remaining at the special offer price of ONLY £3000! With the...