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business success with ultrasonic cavitation fat reduction

How Does Cavitation Fat Reduction Work?

This blog post will explore how cavitation fat reduction works, its potential risks and benefits, and who is the ideal candidate for this advanced fat reduction treatment. We'll also discuss recovery time and results you can expect from this procedure. Finally, we'll talk about alternatives to cavitation fat reduction and the importance of consulting with a qualified professional before undergoing...

Interest Free Finance

Is 0% Finance Really A Good Deal?

Contrary to popular belief, 0% interest finance is not actually free! The financing costs must be covered somehow, so most vendors simply add this cost to the list price of the machine, resulting in inflated prices that hide an uncomfortable truth.

Earn Over £95k Per Year With Cavitation and RF Training!

The expert Cavitation and RF Training provided with our advanced 4D-Sculpt platform, our most advanced combined Inch Loss, Skin Tightening, Lifting and Body Sculpting platform, delivers unbelievably fast return on investment. Offering a broad range of treatments (including crucially, vacuum targeted Radio Frequency Face and Neck Lifting), in a compact, powerful and extremely competitively priced package, the 4D-Sculpt...

What It Takes To Be Successful – Part 5

Part 5 - Why We Believe PureGenex Offer The Best Body Sculpting Training, Cavitation Training, RF Training and Fat Freezing Training

Along with the purchase of your PureGenex platform, you will also receive the finest training available in the industry. This is not only cavitation training, or RF training, or body sculpting training, it is a comprehensive training course...

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What It Takes To Be Successful – Part 4

Part 4 - Proven Results

The truth is, none of the points in our earlier parts of this article matter if they are falsely advertised, or not a true, real-world and unbiased opinion.  We find many companies just advertise anything without any form of experience, trials or validation of their results.If you take a look at our

What It Takes To Be Successful – Part 3

Part 3 - What Makes The Best Inch Loss And Aesthetic Machine?

When buying a machine, you need to understand why it is a good machine.  Is it the power, size, or something else?  Many have celebrity or "medical practitioner" endorsements, but when someone is paid to say something, can you really rely on the message?  Indeed, when you buy...

What It Takes To Be Successful – Part 1


In part 1 of our new series, "What It Takes To Be Successful", we will provide an overview of the basic building blocks required to make a success of a your inch loss and aesthetics business using our amazing 4D-Sculpt brazilian booty lift machine. In subsequent parts, we will show how we believe PureGenex ensure you have each of...